Episode 8

Published on:

16th Jul 2020

The World of Watermelon Snow

We're essentially hotboxing our planet, so let's take a fun little trip to a snowball world covered in ice! Let's just hope we don't get there during whaling season because have you ever smelled a beached whale? Neither have I, but I don't want to start now.

HOSTED by Moiya McTier (@GoAstroMo), astrophysicist and folklorist


1. Zoe Samuel is a writer and producer who now writes jokes for Google. You can follow her on twitter at @zoe_samuel

2. Elizabeth Case is a PhD candidate in glaciology at Columbia University. She helps improve science literacy through Cycle for Science and studies Thwaites Glacier, which is melting at an alarming rate. You can follow her on twitter at @elizabeth_case

3. Rob Ulrich is a PhD student in biominerology at UCLA and a co-founder for Queers in STEM. You can follow them on twitter at @robertnulrich


Michael wants to support the Baltimore Legal Action Team, a group that raises bail funds for Baltimore youths


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Have you ever wished you could travel to an alien world? Exolore can help with that! In each episode, astrophysicist/folklorist Moiya McTier invites expert guests to help her imagine life on an alien planet. You'll learn, you'll laugh, and you'll gain an appreciation for how special our planet really is.

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Exolore: facts-based fictional worldbuilding
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